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Refunds Policy on Instaframes

As each Instaframe contains carefully created words, chosen specifically for our lovely customers, we never move forward with printing and framing until we get the seal of approval from you.


Once we do, we move onto the template stage and use the photos that you provide, which make your frame even more personal to you. We send proofs of the template including the words and photos, and we ask for customer sign off.


When sign off is complete, we print it out on 200mg photo gloss paper, and the framer works his magic, ensuring that your piece is framed beautifully.


Before shipping, we’ll send a photo or video of the frame for approval and it is not until our customer shrieks with joy because they love it, (our favourite bit!), that we ship it.


It’s good to note that we have never had a customer who has not been happy with their Instaframe! As we run through everything in a clear and concise way our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations, with each part of the process and the product.


On the off chance that you don’t like your Instaframe or it wasn’t as you were expecting, please get in touch. We offer a partial returns policy on the cost of the frame, but as the words and templates are pre-approved by each customer, we don’t offer a refund on those.


If your Instaframe is broken or damaged when it arrives, we will offer a full replacement without quibble.

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