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Weddings Speeches...

"Don't let a bad speech ruin a great wedding."


We fully understand how the mere thoughts of making a wedding speech, can negatively impact your humour and mood on your wedding day. 


Whether you are filled with dread even thinking about holding a microphone, or perhaps you don't mind the idea of it, but feel totally overwhelmed trying to put it together, we are here to help.


Wedding Instaframes.

Our award winning Instaframes are gifts that exude originality as they encapsulate the wedding and all that surrounds it.


It is our priviledge to create each Instaframe; we take great care to pontificate, plot and curate the words that are true to you and the person receiving it.

Each Instaframe is created with an unrivalled passion and dedication and we work tirelessy to ensure that each one, is as it should be...

A gift for life.

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  • What is an Instaframe?
    An instaframe is a custom-made, rhymed speech created by Instanza
  • Where can I see an Instanza or Instaframe?
    You can read a birthday, christening and funeral Instanza's on our portfolio page. You can also listen to an Audio recording for a 50th Wedding Anniversary. This will give you an idea of the sort of Instanza we will be happy to create for you. You can browse the Instaframes on our services page.
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