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New baby gifts are always a delight to give.  Would you like to give the new arrival, something that will last longer than it takes for the new little toes to reach the end of a babygrow?  A Baby Instaframe is a really special gift to give.  Over four verses of rhyme, we will write the words to welcome the new baby to the world.  We'll include their arrival date, weight, Mum and Dad's names, and we will include siblings and pets too!  We'll time stamp it with their birth date and will include one of their cute little photos, making it truly bespoke to them.  Baby Instaframes are fabulous as a baby welcoming gift, christenings or naming days.  Once you are happy with the words, we will have it profesionally printed, mounted and framed, ready to enhance any nursery wall, making it a gift for life.

Baby Girl Instaframe A4

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