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If you have recently got engaged and would like to surprise your new fiance with something that maps, portrays and characterises your relationship so far, a bespoke fiance Instaframe is the gift for you! Over six verses of rhyme, we will write your story, starting with where you met, first dates, interesting and funny moments that you have shared, and we will bring you right up to the day where you agreed to get married. We'll even write in the proposal! Once you are happy with the words, we will include some of your favourite photos and have it profesionally printed, mounted and framed on a timber frame. A fiance Instaframe is a unique time capsule, celebrating where you both are now. They are perfect as an engagement gift to your new fiance, but they also work amazingly well as a suprise gift on the morning of the wedding. Either way, fiance Instaframes are a gift for life.

Engagement Instaframe

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