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Welcome to InStanza.

InStanza is the home of custom made speeches and gifts, which add the wow factor to any of life's celebratory milestone occasions.


We write speeches for every celebratory moment in life, and are particularly busy where weddings are concerned. We offer two types; traditional speeches, and rhymed speeches.

Traditional speeches are written with the speechmaker in mind.  Each one is written from scratch guaranteeing originality as they are so personal and expertly crafted.  

Our rhymed speeches are a superb addition to any event as they are decidedly different from what you might have heard before. They are light-hearted, fun but always sincere. They definitely pack a punch and if you are looking to impress your guests or wow a crowd, let us help you with a rhymed speech… Don’t be surprised if you get a standing ovation afterwards! 


Our award winning Instaframe is a unique, memorable, and much-loved gift, suitable for any of life’s milestone celebrations.  With the recipient in mind, we write their story, in rhyme, whether it’s a birthday, retirement, new baby, housewarming or engagement.  Each piece is professionally mounted and framed making it a gift for life. They are the perfect solution if you need a one-of-a-kind gift for someone who is tricky to buy for.


A Symphony of Words.

Instaframes are our award winning signature service that transforms words into a poetic masterpiece.


An Instaframe is a rhymed piece of writing tailored specifically for the recipient.

Instaframes are a one-off gift that exude individuality and encapsulate every celebration perfectly. We have created them for weddings, retirements, new babies, housewarmings, birthdays, hen parties and much much more.

Our writing style is chosen by you; it can be humourous, witty, sentimental or a blend of all three, you decide!

Speeches & Vows That Echo a Lifetime.

Your wedding day is a chapter in your love story that deserves to be told with eloquence and emotion. Let us create the perfect script for you.

We write vows that mirror the harmony of you two as a couple. We create interesting, light hearted and fun poems, that are often read out during the wedding service by a family member or friend, adding that personal touch.

Our traditional and rhymed wedding speeches capture the essence of your love, ensuring that every word resonates with the joy of the occasion.


Milestone Birthdays:
Celebrate in Style.

Reaching a new decade is a milestone worth celebrating, and what better way than acknowledging the moment, with a fun speech that reflects your life so far?

We are dab hands at crafting birthday speeches to highlight the journey, laughter and important moments that define the birthday person. Whether it is your birthday or someone elses, let us help you to find the right words.

If you are searching for a once-off birthday gift, talk to us about an Instaframe. In rhyme, we will map, portray and highlight the birthday gal or guy, in a fun and jovial way. Once complete, we have the words printed onto a pre-chosen template, so it is ready to be professionally mounted and framed, making it a gift for life!

New Baby:
Welcoming Little Miracles.

Our baby Instaframe collection is just perfect for those who would like to give an original and lasting gift, to celebrate the arrival of a new baby.

The award winning Instaframe, is a special gift for life and is guaranteed to complement any nursery wall.

If you would like to give something memorable and personal, for the baby's christening, naming day or just to mark their arrival, we'll write the perfect words in rhyme, and will have them profesionally mounted and framed making it a gift for life. 


A well deserved farewell.

Retirement marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Our retirement speeches,honour the achievements and memories of the retiree, and allude to the exciting adventures that lie ahead.

We write traditional and rhymed speeches, the choice is yours.  Either is guaranteed to send your colleague, friend, or family member off in style by acknowledging their contributions and by celebrating the journey that awaits.

If you have been tasked with buying a retirement gift, get in touch to hear more about an Instaframe.  In rhyme, we will write about the retiree's working life in a humourous, fun but sincere way, and we will of course, wish them well for the future.

Instaframes are a popular gift from colleagues wishing to give the retiree a gift for life.

Your words, your way.

At InStanza, we believe in the power of your words.


Our speech service is a very simple process.  We ask you to fill out a short questionnaire and once complete, we write your speech from there.


No two speeches are ever the same. Once you share your thoughts, memories, and preferences, we weave them into a personalized masterpiece that captures the essence of your feelings, leaving no stone unturned.

We work with each client and ensure that they have the confidence to deliver their speech, with pride and belief in themselves.


Whether you feel like you will be trembling at the knees, or are dying to hold that mic in your hand, we will make sure, that you deliver your speech like a pro.

  • What is an Instaframe?
    An instaframe is a custom-made, rhymed speech created by Instanza
  • Where can I see an Instanza or Instaframe?
    You can read a birthday, christening and funeral Instanza's on our portfolio page. You can also listen to an Audio recording for a 50th Wedding Anniversary. This will give you an idea of the sort of Instanza we will be happy to create for you. You can browse the Instaframes on our services page.
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